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Wondering if you're offering the right salaries to attract, motivate and retain top talent? Look no further! Salary Pulse is here to revolutionize the way you understand and manage employee compensation.It’s easy to use, accurate and reliable.

Take the guesswork out of the IT salary benchmarking.

We know how important salary and benefits are to IT people. With our comprehensive data and powerful insights, you'll gain competitive advantage on the market.

With Salary Pulse, you can compare your employee salaries against industry standards.

Joberty made Salary Pulse.

Our products speak louder than us, so you can be sure that Salary Pulse is relevant for the IT industry, secure and easy to use. How it works?

Salary Input

Salary Input

Input information about your employees, including job roles, experience levels, and current salaries. You can do it manually one by one or simply upload the Excel file.

Receive Insights

Receive Insights.

Receive detailed insights into how your employee salaries compare to industry benchmarks. We give you exact salary gap to the chosen percentile.

Optimize Compensation

Optimize Compensation.

Use our insights to optimize your compensation strategy and ensure that you're offering competitive salaries and Benefits to your employees.

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Don't let uncertainty about employee salaries hold your business back.

We believe in the power of data and we help you make informative data-driven decisions about compensation packages for your employees.

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Affordable pricing, for everyone (from 500€).

We want to make these insights available to everyone, no matter if you are a small startup or enterprise level company. That’s way our Pricing is based on the number of employees you have (and only IT employees count).


You provide your employees' salaries and you get benchmark on individual level.


Billed annually

  • Calculation of the salary gap for your employees
  • Individual employee salary benchmark
  • Salary alert when certain trend is happening
  • Insights into Global trends
  • Full up-to-date IT Salary report
  • Filters to help you navigate to the information you need
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You don't want to share your employees' salaries and that's fine.


Billed annually

  • Insights into Global trends
  • Full up-to-date IT Salary report
  • Filters to help you navigate to the information you need
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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you are looking for email our support team

    • Is Salary Pulse secure?

      We give access only to persons you provide. You login with credentials that only you know. Your salary data is visible only to you. And even so, all sensitive information is encrypted on database level.

    • How often do you update salaries?

      Salary input is necessary each 6 months so you can be sure that Salaries are always up to date.

    • Which companies are participating with their salary data?

      The list is changing constantly. But those are all relevant IT companies in Serbia.

    • Will I be able to get a glimpse of benefits benchmark as well?

      Only if you are Participant. Then you can see benefits for specific position that other companies are offering as well.

    • Do you cover only IT positions?

      Yes. We believe that IT industry is our thing and until we are ready to conquer other industries there will only be IT positions available.

    • Can I exclude my data from the input of the benchmark?

      Yes, you can read the data without your provided inputs if you think that will give you clearer picture.